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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Otherwise known as SARS is taking away many precious lives in Asia and beyond.

The outbreak of this deadly virus in several countries around the world has left us all scrambling to contain the disease and prevent it from spreading further.

In our fight against SARS, we have designed a system known as Infrared Fever Screening System (IFSS).

IFSS uses leading-edge electro-optics technology and allows for rapid real-time mass screening, identifying individuals with high fever, one of the symptoms of SARS.


Operating like a video camera the IFSS uses passive Infrared Imaging technology to take thermographs of people. These thermographs provide pseudo colour reading of varying body temperatures, allowing easy identification of those with high fever. They can then be taken aside for further medical tests.



IFSS provides a non-intrusive and reliable means of screening large groups of people simultaneously. Compared to the time-consuming method of using thermometers to take everyone’s temperature, the system offers almost instantaneous results in just a matter of seconds.


With IFSS, there is absolutely no contact with potentially infected individuals, thereby reducing the risk to infection. Rest assured also that the system is radiation-free, thus safe for both children and pregnant women.


Operating IFSS is easy. No special training is required or complicated procedures to follow. With the fully automated system, it’s all just a matter of watching the screen to view real-time images and identifying those with fever.


IFSS ensures high efficiency, greatly reducing the number of medical staff required to perform mass screening.

Manual Temperature Measurement   IFSS Method
» Each reading takes about 1 min   » Only 2 secs to colour map each person's face
» Readings taken at different angles will vary   » Image seen is consistent
» 100% screening will require person-to-person contact   » Operator is 3m away from people screened
» Nurses required to attend to each person   » Only feverish people need to be attended to by nurses
» Long queue for temperature checking   » No hold up. The queue moves continuously at walking pace
» Consumption of thermometer tip covers at 1 per person   » No consumables required


IFSS is set-up about 3 metres away from the entrance. Disembarking passengers are narrowed down into a single file along the aerobridge/screening point. As they walk through one by one, each and every one is screened by IFSS for fever. Potentially feverish passengers are filtered out immediately for further medical tests. The rest walk on and continue as normal.

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